Thursday, July 17, 2008

Local Man Crashes Stock Market.....

Wall Street-New York Stock Exchange janitor Sturgeon Feldspar inadvertently unplugged a computer while vacuuming underneath a desk today, crashing the stock market and sending the world economy into a rapid downword spiral.

"Holy shit!" Feldspar explained.

Within moments of the event, widespread rioting and looting erupted in the streets of New York. Worldwide infrastructure quickly began to break down, and as social and political upheaval began to take root the first signs of nuclear armaggedon, several large mushroom cloud explosions scattered on the horizon, began to appear. Upon plugging the computer back into the wall socket, the suddenly quiet crowds looked around puzzledly and returned to their normal routines as if nothing had happened.

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The Laundress said...

Always liked that, when people have trouble connecting to their Hotmail account, they moan "I broke the internet".