Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Authorities Uncover Flower Pot Baby Ring.....

Altoona, PA-Working on an anonymous tip, law enforcement officers raided the Logantown home of Skeet Renfro and Tylene Rose Jenkins where a number of illegal babies in flower pots were discovered.

"The babies appear to be healthy, well fed, and completely adorable," Detective Billy Geddes explained. "The recovery of these precious potted infants is just the first in a number of planned arrests in our investigation into the black market flower pot baby business."

Presidential candidate Barack Obama cancelled his upcoming speech in Berlin in order to attend a press conference held today by city officials to reveal details of the pot baby bust. "I plan to make it my business, if elected come this November, to ensure that, despite their almost preternatural cuteness, their near irresistable degree of cuddlesomeness, the fate of these young infants peeking out of oversized terra cotta vessels is taken seriously by lawmakers."

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