Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Governor Signs Historic Quad Blasting Bill.....

Sacramento, CA-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today signed into law historic legislation designed to address the impact of shrinking quads and shriveled pecs on the health of Californians.

"The time has come for every Californian man, woman, and child to know the joy and health benefits of regular and thorough quad blasting," Schwarzenegger explained. "Assembly Bill 3719 (AB 3719) will ensure that all citizens of California are able to enjoy not just huge quads, but massive arms and quivering, enormous, and well-defined pecs as well."

AB 3719 will provides all citizens with daily servings of Prolab's HyperMega Weight Gain Gruel, Quantum Strength Cutting Gel, Nitric Oxide Boost Paste, Nipple extractors, Ultra Squat Nanopowder tablets, Gluteal Ripening dermal injections, Joe Weider's Neck Ripper Herbal Muscle Enlargener, NoPain Neural Implants, and a daily multivitamin, as well as weekly visits from a personal trainer.

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