Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekly Science and Skepticism Pop Quiz #1.....

Recently Dr. Michael Dickinson, a researcher on the biomechanics of insect flight out of Cal-Tech, and his study on why the fly is so frustratingly difficult to swat has made the national news. With the use of high-resolution high-speed digital video cameras, he discovered that flies are able to formulate a successful escape strategy and position their body optimally for jumping out of harms way within 100 milliseconds of visualizing the incoming swatter. They may hold the record for the fastest protective mechanism, but flies aren't the only creatures that employ effective means of dodging threats.

Which of the following survival strategies have also been put into use by members of the animal kingdom?

A. The ability of antivaccinationists to quickly move goalposts in response to contradictory evidence, thus protecting their irrational belief system.

B. The technique, used by proponents of implausible and unproven diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, of confusing the general public with marketing terms like "alternative" and "holistic" while distracting academic medical institutions with claims of popularity as they slip quietly through the back door to sneak away with ill-gained legitimacy.

C. The capability of Intelligent Design proponents to use state legislatures to pass "academic freedom" laws in order to more easily indoctrinate young minds and help to ensure their continued existence.

D.All of the above

Answer: D

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