Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Legislation Protects California Citizens from Same-Sex Marriage.....

Sacramento, CA-Thanks to the 5,769,939 citizens of California that voted for Proposition 8 on November 4th, the beleaguered heterosexual majority in "The Golden State" can now rest easy, their fear of persecution by the state's homosexual minority, or of their children being brainwashed into tolerance of homosexuals, put to rest.

"I think that this is a victory for all Americans," Sacramento Msgr. Mathew J. Kavandish, pastor of St. Piscapo Parish, explained. "This will forever serve as a source of hope for any large groups of people whose basic human rights have been denied by the desire of a much smaller group of people to share in those same rights."

Some Proposition 8 proponents, like Mormom Priest Marcelle Wittmire, are worried that supporters of same-sex marriage might think that a religiously motivated vendetta against homosexuals is involved. "I have nothing against the gays. It's just that I have yet to meet one that isn't a wicked and hellbound wretch bent on dragging down those around them into the Satan's dominion."

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Pittypat said...

And isn't it interesting that many of the Christian churches, after reading Jesus' exhortations to "do under others as you would have them do unto you", and his statement that "whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do unto me", think it is their RELIGION that leads them to denounce gays and deny them all kinds of basic rights? Aaargh!